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Southwest Antennas - May 16, 2017

1. Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 1.625 - 2.110 GHz, 2.15 dBi, SMA(m) RF Connector
Part #: 1001-160
2. Omni Antenna, 2 Section Collinear, 2.2 - 2.5 GHz, 4 dBi, TNC(m) RF Connector, weatherproof sealed spring base
Part #: 1085-148
3. Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 1,755 - 2,270 MHz, 2.1 dBi, Integrated Sealed Waterproof RF Coaxial Gooseneck with TNC(m) RF connector
Part #: 1001-161
4. RF Coaxial Gooseneck Assembly, 5.0" Length, 0.47" OD, Type-N(m) Non-Rotating RF Connectors, 45 Degree Bend and Hold
Part #: 1040-035

Qorvo - March 28, 2017

  • 2.3-2.7GHz Dual-Channel Switch-LNA Module

  • 5GHz LTE-U/LAA Power Amplifier for Small Cells

  • 1.8-2.4GHz Linear Driver Amplifier for Wireless Infrastructure

MtronPTI - March 23, 2017

MtronPTI - March 3, 2017

MtronPTI - November 15, 2016

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Southwest Antennas - September 23, 2016

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Nine Months of Antenna Innovation from SWA. Southwest Antennas' engineers and designers have been hard at work this year bringing innovative new designs to market. Take a look at some of the exciting product releases. Read More

Southwest Antennas - August 10, 2016

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MIMO has become increasingly common RF / Microwave communication technology over the past several decades, with notable examples being Wi-Fi networks and cellular 3G / 4G LTE, which are now commonplace at home and in business. More recently, MIMO has been finding rapidly growing markets in professional broadcast video, law enforcement, and government sectors thanks to newer generations of smaller, better performing radio solutions and new antenna designs that better support MIMO technology. With the bandwidth requirements that today’s video, audio, and data systems demand, MIMO is often an ideal solution for communication especially urban environments, where clear line-of-site is harder to achieve and other RF systems can pose interference issues. Read More

JDI - August 9, 2016

AWR - August 2, 2016

ATC - June 7, 2016

Southwest Antennas - May 26, 2016

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San Diego, California, May 24, 2016 - Southwest Antennas is pleased to introduce their new small form factor “Turbo Cloverleaf” family of circularly polarized (CP) Omni antennas in 1.98 - 2.2 GHz and 2.3 - 2.5 GHz frequencies. These new and innovative antenna products deliver substantial increases in high data rate throughput and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in a very compact, rugged radome that measures two inches or less on any side. Each antenna in the new family of products also features an integrated 3” RF coaxial gooseneck assembly with ruggedized non-rotating RF connector options that allows for flexible antenna mounting and positioning with other closely located equipment or co-located antennas.
The new Turbo Cloverleaf antennas were designed with radio users in mind who are in need of the performance that only a Cloverleaf style CP Omni antenna can offer, but in a new compact form factor. The resulting design delivers the world’s smallest cloverleaf style antenna offering robust performance with modern radio systems that are increasingly seeing operation in the wireless broadcast TV / wireless video and live sports markets, UAV / drone video systems, vehicle-mounted radios, and tactical law enforcement and military radios that are utilizing MIMO/MANET system architectures for improved video, voice, and data transmission.
Read the whole press release.

TowerJazz - May 17, 2016

MtronPTI - May 17, 2016

Compunetics - May 9, 2016

Compunetics, Inc. a leading manufacturer of rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an IPC-6012/600 Qualified Manufacturers Listing (QML) from IPC’s Validation Services. IPC is a global industry association dedicated to the competitive excellence of all facets of the electronics industry. The certification marks Compunetics as the first company to attain the highest standards of circuit board manufacturing quality; this assures a consistently reliable end product for its customers. The testing process involves passing a three-day, on-site audit by Validation Services, and requires board coupon testing every quarter along with passing periodic factory audits. Read More

Vanteon - August 31, 2015

MtronPTI Catalog

Vanteon is pleased to announce the availability of a new micropower long range wireless radio transceiver. The radio, based on Vanteon's vImpulse intellectual property platform, was recently demonstrated to a wide audience of electronic development engineers and sales professionals at the 2015 Microchip Masters conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

2014 MtronPTI Short Form Catalog is Online Now - January 24, 2014

MtronPTI Catalog

High reliability, high performance and harsh environment frequency and timing solutions from an international company dedicated to helping you see more clearly, make the connection every time and keep things flowing smoothly. Since 85% of MtronPTI's shipments are customized to a particular application, use this Short Form.