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MtronPTI Ultra Wideband Quadruplexer & Pentaplexers - September 5, 2019

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience – incorporating RF CAD design and synthesis, MtronPTI can provide ultra-wideband low-loss Quadruplexer and Pentaplexer covering UHF, L, S C, X and Ku bands for RADAR, Satcom and Electronic Warfare Applications. 
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Qorvo New Product Announcements - July 25, 2019

8.5-11GHz 4W GaN Amplifier
QPA1022 Information

2.8-3.5GHz 60W 50V GaN Amplifier
QPA1027 Information

2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6 Integrated Front End Module (iFEM)
QPF7219 Information

MtronPTI's XO9085 Rackmount Integrated Frequency Reference - July 16, 2019

Combining over 25 years of discrete RF design expertise and SC-cut crystal manufacturing experience, MtronPTI’s XO9085 series provides designers a High Stability and Ultra Low Phase Noise references in standard 19” rack mount configurations.  Frequencies upto with 6GHz are available, with an option for multiple frequencies and multiple outputs are provided as well as phase locking with external reference.
XO9085 Press Release

Qorvo 8.5 - 10.5 GHz GaN Transmit/Receive Module - May 31, 2019

The QPM1002 is a Gallium Nitride MMIC front-end module (FEM) designed for X-Band radar applications within the 8.5 - 10.5 GHz range.  The MMIC combines a T/R switch, low-noise amplifier, and a power amplifier. The receive path offers 25 dB gain with low noise figure of 2.2 dB. The transmit path offers a small signal gain of 33 dB, it can deliver 3 W of saturated power with a PAE of 32%, with a 25 dB of large signal gain. The FEM is robust up to 2 W of input power into the ANT port eliminating the need for a limiter.

QPM1002 Information

Qorvo 10.7 - 12.7 GHz 35 Watt GaN Amplifier - May 31, 2019

Qorvo's QPA1009D is a wide band power amplifier MMIC fabricated on Qorvo's production 0.15 um GaN on SiC process (QGaN15). Covering 10.7 – 12.7 GHz, the QPA1009D provides > 17.5 Watts of saturated output power and 17 dB of large-signal gain while achieving > 40% power-added efficiency.

QPA1009D Information

Qorvo 10.7 - 12.7 GHz 17.5 Watt GaN Amplifier - May 31, 2019

Qorvo's QPA1006D is a wide band power amplifier MMIC fabricated on Qorvo's production 0.15 um GaN on SiC process (QGaN15). Covering 10.7 - 12.7 GHz, the QPA1006D provides > 35 Watts of saturated output power and > 17 dB of large-signal gain while achieving > 39% power-added efficiency.

QPA1006D Information

MtronPTI High Frequency Sine Wave Output OCXO - May 16, 2019

MtronPTI introduces a small form factor high frequency XO9095 OCXO series that has multiplier stages to generate high frequency signal between 200MHz to 6GHz. XO9095 OCXO series offers exceptional stability, low phase noise and low-g sensitivity.

XO9095 Press Release

MtronPTI Ku-Band 50W Diplexer - May 7, 2019

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience – incorporating RF CAD design and synthesis, MtronPTI can provide Ku Band high power diplexers.  These diplexers incorporate highly selective high power handling bandpass filters for simultaneous transmit and receive operation with outstanding isolation between uplink & downlink feeds.

UFDX9999 Press Release

Qorvo New Product Announcements - April 30, 2019

5GHz Wi-Fi Front End Module

QPF4530 Datasheet

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Front End Module

QPF4206B Datasheet

28dB Power Doubler Amplifier

QPA3357 Datasheet

Ultra Low Noise Bypass LNA

QPL9098 Datasheet

Microwave Components, LLC - April 6, 2019

Microwave Components has been added to our line card. Check out the additional lines we now have to offer here.

AWR Design Environment - March 30, 2019

March 2019 E-News

  • AntSyn 3.1 Released
  • Fractus Library in Microwave Office
  • Customer Design Videos on AWR.TV
  • Partner Training Courses Announced

KOE announce 8.0-inch Rugged+ WXGA TFT display - March 20, 2019

Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE have announced the introduction of a new 8.0-inch Rugged+ TFT display module. The TX20D207VM0AAA features WXGA (1280 x 768 pixels) resolution, a 15:9 wide aspect ratio, IPS (in-plane switching) technology which provides exceptional image quality when viewed at any viewing angle, zero bright dot defects and robust operating characteristics.

SIMCom Announces New Category-12 Module - March 11, 2019

SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. (a SUNSEA AIOT company), the world’s #1 market share volume leader of cellular modules announced plans to launch a new Global Category 12 Module (SIM7912) powered by Qualcomm’s® Snapdragon™ X12 MDM9240 chipset. This new addition will be pin-to-pin compatible with existing LTE-Advanced offerings that include SIM7906 (Cat-6) to facilitate migrations across LTE-A categories.

TowerJazz Announces Successful Development of Axbio's In-Vitro Diagnostic Bio-CMOS IC using its Advanced 300mm 65nm RFCMOS Platform - March 5, 2019

TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, and Axbio Inc., a silicon valley based high-end development company providing leading edge solutions for the medical market, today announced the release of a microfluidics Bio-CMOS device for molecular in vitro diagnostic (IVD), based on TowerJazz’s 65nm RFCMOS platform, following a successful development in its 300mm manufacturing facility in Uozu, Japan. This unique device, planned to be in production by mid-2019, combined with highly innovative automation features and disposable cartridge, offers a frontier solution for the medical market.

MtronPTI Low Profile X and Ku Band Cavity Filter - February 12, 2019

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience – incorporating RF CAD design and synthesis, MtronPTI can provide X and Ku Band low profile cavity filters that not only reduce the overall mechanical footprint, but also offer improved electrical performance.
QPF4206B Datasheet

20X%20and%20Ku%20Band%20Cavity%20Filters.pdf" target="_blank">Download the Datasheet

MtronPTI Tunable Bandpass Cavity Filters - November 6, 2018

Using over 50 years of high performance RF filter design and manufacturing experience, MtronPTI can provide field tunable bandpass cavity filters that could be used to tune desired signals while rejecting interfering signals in Air Navigation Systems Receivers.
Download the Datasheet

Aethercomm - July 16, 2018

Industry First - SSPA 0.020-6.000-70, high power, super broadband, GaN
Carlsbad, CA, 07/16/18 – Aethercomm introduces another industry first. Model Number SSPA 0.020-6.000-70 is a high power, super broadband, Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF amplifier that operates from 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz. This PA is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over an extremely large bandwidth with decent power added efficiency. This amplifier operates with a base plate temperature of -30C to +70C. It is packaged in a modular housing that is approximately 5.0” (width) by 5.0” (long) by 2.0” (height). The weight of this unit is ~3.5 pounds maximum. This amplifier has a typical saturated output power of 70 watts at room temperature. Noise figure at room temperature is 10 dB typical. The power flatness across the band is typically ± 3.0 dB. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 typical. This PA operates from a +28 Vdc input voltage.
Other key points of this design are:

• Gallium Nitride Broadband Power Amplifier
• Operation from 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz min
• Large Signal Gain 50 dB typical
• 40 to 100 Watts PSat typical

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MtronPTI XO517X Extended Temperature OCXO - July 11, 2018

MtronPTI is introducing a High Temperature and High Stability OCXO XO517X series as a timing reference for extreme environment applications. XO517X series offers exceptional temperature stability of less than +/-1.0ppb, over an operating temperature of -40°C to +90°C..
Download the Datasheet

Qorvo - August 31, 2017

QPF4538 Features • Bandwidth: 4900-5925MHz • Low power consumption: ~0.5W • Pout: +17.5dBm MCS9 VHT80 -35dB DEVM • 2.5x2.5mm package • Ideal for wireless routers & access points • ECCN: 5A991.g

Southwest Antennas - May 16, 2017

1. Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 1.625 - 2.110 GHz, 2.15 dBi, SMA(m) RF Connector
Part #: 1001-160
2. Omni Antenna, 2 Section Collinear, 2.2 - 2.5 GHz, 4 dBi, TNC(m) RF Connector, weatherproof sealed spring base
Part #: 1085-148
3. Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 1,755 - 2,270 MHz, 2.1 dBi, Integrated Sealed Waterproof RF Coaxial Gooseneck with TNC(m) RF connector
Part #: 1001-161
4. RF Coaxial Gooseneck Assembly, 5.0" Length, 0.47" OD, Type-N(m) Non-Rotating RF Connectors, 45 Degree Bend and Hold
Part #: 1040-035

Qorvo - March 28, 2017

◦ 2.3-2.7GHz Dual-Channel Switch-LNA Module
◦ 5GHz LTE-U/LAA Power Amplifier for Small Cells
◦ 1.8-2.4GHz Linear Driver Amplifier for Wireless Infrastructure

MtronPTI - March 23, 2017

MtronPTI - March 3, 2017

MtronPTI - November 15, 2016

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Southwest Antennas - September 23, 2016

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Nine Months of Antenna Innovation from SWA. Southwest Antennas' engineers and designers have been hard at work this year bringing innovative new designs to market. Take a look at some of the exciting product releases. Read More

Southwest Antennas - August 10, 2016

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MIMO has become increasingly common RF / Microwave communication technology over the past several decades, with notable examples being Wi-Fi networks and cellular 3G / 4G LTE, which are now commonplace at home and in business. More recently, MIMO has been finding rapidly growing markets in professional broadcast video, law enforcement, and government sectors thanks to newer generations of smaller, better performing radio solutions and new antenna designs that better support MIMO technology. With the bandwidth requirements that today’s video, audio, and data systems demand, MIMO is often an ideal solution for communication especially urban environments, where clear line-of-site is harder to achieve and other RF systems can pose interference issues. Read More

JDI - August 9, 2016

AWR - August 2, 2016

ATC - June 7, 2016

Southwest Antennas - May 26, 2016

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San Diego, California, May 24, 2016 - Southwest Antennas is pleased to introduce their new small form factor “Turbo Cloverleaf” family of circularly polarized (CP) Omni antennas in 1.98 - 2.2 GHz and 2.3 - 2.5 GHz frequencies. These new and innovative antenna products deliver substantial increases in high data rate throughput and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in a very compact, rugged radome that measures two inches or less on any side. Each antenna in the new family of products also features an integrated 3” RF coaxial gooseneck assembly with ruggedized non-rotating RF connector options that allows for flexible antenna mounting and positioning with other closely located equipment or co-located antennas.
The new Turbo Cloverleaf antennas were designed with radio users in mind who are in need of the performance that only a Cloverleaf style CP Omni antenna can offer, but in a new compact form factor. The resulting design delivers the world’s smallest cloverleaf style antenna offering robust performance with modern radio systems that are increasingly seeing operation in the wireless broadcast TV / wireless video and live sports markets, UAV / drone video systems, vehicle-mounted radios, and tactical law enforcement and military radios that are utilizing MIMO/MANET system architectures for improved video, voice, and data transmission.
Read the whole press release.

TowerJazz - May 17, 2016

MtronPTI - May 17, 2016

2014 MtronPTI Short Form Catalog is Online Now - January 24, 2014

MtronPTI Catalog

High reliability, high performance and harsh environment frequency and timing solutions from an international company dedicated to helping you see more clearly, make the connection every time and keep things flowing smoothly. Since 85% of MtronPTI's shipments are customized to a particular application, use this Short Form.